White Pass is a place in Aveyond 2 and it is the last non-linear section to be explored by the party before leaving for Shaenlir. It is located west of Candar and can be explored at any moment, but preferred not to.

White Pass is notorious for its tough monsters that deliver high damage points, with lower experience point that other monster, and drop lowly loots. At the end, the player reaches the ice caverns, which are just as hard, and at the end of the cavern, the player will encounter the runaway North Wind that is needed to complete one of the last two sidequests.

North Wind Edit

When the party meet Obert who dwells in the Wind Observatory on Mt. Siren, he tell them that he collects winds, and a mischievous wind called the “North Wind” escaped and asks the party to retrieve it. The wind is found deep in the ice caverns in White Pass, and has to be caught by the bottle given by Warthog in Happily Ever After. It can be dealt with according the choice between Nicolas and Gavin:

  • Return the wind to Obert, who’ll reward the team with a powerful spell for Gavin only.
  • Blow the troll guarding the bridge in Dogwart plains, and deliver the tailor’s kit to Doyle, who’ll reward you with magic shoes that can be used by both Gavin and Nicholas, or smelly shoes that will drive away monsters.

However, only one of these sidequests can be completed, and the other will remain unsolved.

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