Days as a studentEdit

Welcome to Thais, the capital city of the mainland. You have much to do now, let's make a list.

-Go to the Magic Mirror Express (MME, see the map) and pull the switch, with this you can travel faster.\

-Go to the Newspaper, the woman, Rita, will give you a mission to get her a story for the newspaper, it is part of the main quest but we will do it much later.

-Go north-east to a garden, there is a statue, this is the Donations Box, you have the possibility to steal it, that means 10 coins, or to donate 10 coins, by stealing you will lose 1 luck point, if you donate you will get 1 luck point. The luck is important in battle because it permits you to dodge the enemy and it helps you to get more loot from your enemies.

-Go to Lord Rupert's mansion (see the map) in the nobel district, by checking the library you will see one book that says: "The world was created by chickens." ~Barnaby's Book of Misquotations~, for what it's usefull you will now soon.

-Go south-east to the School of War and Magic, Mel will give the letter to the headmaster but because she is neither a mage nor a fighter her can not enroll her, a student will interfere and propose her for professor Gray's class, by the way the student is Edward, he will join later the our party. Professor Gray wants to train Mel only if she pass his test, you must bring him a statuette. First of all you have to go out of the school, Mel will wait until night falls, then go to Ely Harpsbren's mansion in the noble distric, try the door, Edward will appear and open the window, go in to the second floor, there is a switch, pull it try to get the statuette but the door will close, pull it and try again, Edward will appear and help you. Take the statuette and get out of there. Now go back to Gray, congratulations he agrees to teach you how to become a spy.

-Go in the south-west to the lamplight district, on a door it says to contact Remraldt so go to the rental agency and get for 20 coins an apartment.

-Go home and go sleeping.

Thais LoT

After the third letter you see Te'ijal again, she is in Ghed'ahre the vampire city searching for her husband. Don't explore now, we have time later, go east end exit the city, in the Wyrm Forest her husband, Galahad, is fighting with three skeletons so help him. The skeletons are tough but it's easy to defeat them, if you see that Te'ijal HP is low use drain to heal and do more damage. Te'ijal will try to concince Galahad to help her saving humanity and he will accept.

Returning to Mel you can notice that her title has changed from thief to spy, she has now to go to Gray so meet with him, he gives you the job to find a spy from another kingdom on the king's ball, you obtain the ticket for the ball and a note to Lia. First find the gown shop, it's near the western gate, there Mel will see a girl named Lydia and  another letter will appear, I personal don't like Lydia because of her personality but she is usefull in the next game. Lia will send you a gown to you house, go there and put it on. Night falls, it's time for the ball, go north to the castle you can not miss it. To find the spy, first go in the kings office, it's east there where Edward stands but he is not the spy like Mel thinks, when Lydia interfere she reveals that he is the prince of Thais. On the balcony Mel and Edward will talk, they will observe a comet, Edward wants to find it but leave it for tomorrow.

You haven't find the spy yet, don't worry, he's in the queens office near the king's office. After discovering lord Wallace report to Gray. Then go back home, you finished the job. 

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