A troublesome nightEdit

Out of Harburg we are in the Shadow Woods, our direction is north to the Thial Mountains but first you should pick up the treasures and you should battle all the monsters to become stronger. On the map you have the list of the treasures, there is also a pile of dirt, you can not dig up the treasure until Aveyond Gates of Night. The foxes drop 1-3 coins and the forest guardians 2 coins/1 bread/1 cassia leaf (the cassia leaf revives a defeated character) and one of the treasures are traveling clothes, equip them on Mel. Somewhere here is the Level Goodie Cave but I will post the location at the end of the walkthrough.

After exploring you see in the north are two vampires, Te'ijal will distract them, she has to retrieve her husband who escaped, she will give you a letter to someone named Ulaf and a bottle of holy water, finally your health will be restored by her.

Shadow Woods North

These are the Thai Mountains, there are only a few treasures but the "monsters" are stronger and can make you a bit trouble, the dragonflies drop 2-5 coins/1 haunch and the wild chickens 1-6 coins/1 haunch. Here is the Weapon Goodie Cave but I will not say where. Go only west to enter the cave sistem.

Thial Mountains South

Thial Mountain Cave System

After passing the mountains you will get in the Brightwood Forest but because it's night the only way is north and then east to Thais. See the next page.

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