An unlucky heirloomEdit

So friends, Mel is a thief and her boss, Boden, has a job for her. Our first mission is to meet the client at the Clockwork Mansion, it is the big house in the north of Harburg, Mel's hometown. Look at the map you can not miss it and go in.

At the balcony there are three men, speak with the red one. Mel will take the job in the end for the 200 gold coins, you will get 100 in advance. Now go in the east to that old tower, it's the Darkthrop Keep, if you try the door it's locked. Go to the grates then, there is the entry to the sewers, Mel will say "Hmm, do I hear rats? Dinner, here I come!", look at her status you can learn something funny about her.

Harburg LoT

The puzzle room is very simple, press the switches and see what they do, you will have to solve the puzzle with the bolder, nothing easier than that, push the bolder in the marked square and do not touch the star it will teleport you at the entry. You should know that Mel has two skills, Steal that is usefull only for strong monsters because they have a big amount of gold coins and Trip that makes an enemy to lose one turn, usefull for many bosses. The "monsters" here are easy to defeat, the rats drop cheese and the moths 1-2 gold coins. Here are the treasures from the chests are the following: c1 - 1 cheese; c2 - 2 cheese; c3 - 1 bread, 2 cheese; c4 - leather boots (equip it); c5 - copper dagger (equip it); c6 - 2 bread, 1 cheese; c7 - 2 bread; c8 - serpent sword (you can not get it but later); and there are also 2 bags with 6 coins. In the final room you get a strange orb and another interesting letter. 

Go now back and use the emergency exit (the star). Outside from the keep go to the client.

Darkthrop Keep Puzzle Rooms

You give the orb to the guy but his friends will grab Mel, he will open a big portal but a stranger will save you. Your client's name is Gyendal and the stranger is his sister, the two of them will fight but Gyendal will escape with the orb. Being safe now, the woman presents herself, her name is Te'ijal and she and the other guys are vampires. For those who doesn't know, Te'ijal is a character from Aveyond I and has a minor appearance in Aveyond II, she is very known by turning his husband into a vampire after she stole his soul and forced him to marry her. 

You must go now to Thais before Gyendal comes back, it seems that the orb has the power to destroy light and that Mel is the descendant of Mordred Darkthrop. If you look at Te'ijal's profile she is 831 years old, she also has some usefull skills, Drain will absorb HP from the enemy until she is healed and it ignores defense and Paralyze that makes your enemy to not move.

Go now to the northern gate, we are going to Thais, see the next page for more information.

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