Aveyond Lord of Twilight title
Hello my dear Aveyond fans, I am Odin Yggdrasil and I will present you the first chapter of the Orbs of Magic series. I don't want to talk too much so let's begin our adventure.

Game basics Edit

The gameplay is very simple, with the arrow keys and mouse you can move your caracter, with ESC and X buttons or right click you can acces the menu, also A is for saving, S for the journal and D to use your Items.

In the menu we have:

Equip - to equip your characters with weapons armors and accesories.

Skills - to oversee your character's skills and to use some outside from battles.

Battle - to switch your characters between battler and inactiv, use it to make a battle party.

Leader - select a character to control it outside from battle.

Profiles - used to see the character's statistics and some information about him.

Items - use it to use healing and special items and to see what items you have in stock

Journal - helpful to remaind you important quests.

Options - it permits you to change the game's settings.

Help - it explain you the game's controls and definitions.

Quit - you leave the game.

Load - you load saved games.

Save - you save the game.


So we are at the main menu, click on "New Quest" to begin, you will have two optins and select "Play Introduction" to undersand better the storyline. You will see a cutscene with Mordred Darkthrop who wants to conquer the world but is stoped by the hand of his son Tunsten, the two die because of Tunsten's sacrifice. His wife, Rayina, is forced to see his death, it's very tragic, but Tunsten only tried to save the world from a prophecy wich says that a Darkthop will rule the world, he tried to destroy his lineage, I don't think that worked, Rayina would agree with that.

After this you have to set the difficulty, you will also have the explanations there, I only use the easy mode, if you play on normal or expert mode it could be annoying with the monsters, this kind of RPG should not be played for the "fantastic" battle system, I recommend you to focus on the story and other side quests.

In the first two modes you will have a tutorial, for mouse or keybord, it will present the protagonist, Mel, you have to do what the tutorial says, it will explain you the basics.

After that the story begins with a letter of Mel and you will now know who she is, please check the next page.

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