Venwood is an elf town in the world of Aveyond. It is located in the Venwood Island southeast of the continent. It first appeared in the prequel Ahriman’s Prophecy, and later appeared on the second chapter of the orbs of magic. It also has the statue of King Lionel.


Like many elf towns in the world of Aveyond, Venwood is isolated deep in the thick forests. The locals have little to no contact with humans, and they never trust them. Also, like many elf towns, the weapons sold here are embedded with magic.

Ahriman’s ProphecyEdit

The party of Talia and Devin enters the town in their way to search for the fairy kingdom. It has a big library that contains elven knowledge. The locals say that a monster lurks in the night terrorizes the town.

Queen Vlissre holds the key to the door to fairy kingdom; however, she refuses to hand them the key since the fairies rely on elves for protection. She is also worried about her son, Prince Lahar, who became ill under a strange spell. She hands the key to the party after rescuing her son.


  • An elf asks for 5,000 GP for food and housing. Although he’ll blow the money on drinking, it will give a merit point to the party.
  • A mysterious creature is haunting Venwood at night. He’ll kill the party instantly if they touch him, and he can be defeated with a silver necklace. He turns out to be enchanted Prince Lahar, and you gain a merit by saving him.

Gates of NightsEdit

The party of Mel reaches the town in their search for the four keys. The queen refuses to handle the key to the fairy portal at first, because they are untrustworthy, but agrees to give it later after saving Wyona’s son, who was stuck in the waterways.


  • Phoebe in the entrance sells flowers that increase attraction points.
  • Wyona’s son, Hal, is missing in the Waterworks tower.
  • The agency teaches Orc language.
  • Lydia is accused of taking a book from the library and not returning it.

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