Mule ExpressEdit

Mule Express is the first method of transport which appears in the Aveyond series. It is used in Ahriman's Prophecy and Aveyond 1: Rhen's quest to get to other towns in the area. The vehicle is composed of a cart and two mules, and the cost of travel from one place to another is 50 gold coins. You need to have been to a place before in order to take Mule Express there.

Crystal ExpressEdit

In Aveyond 2: Ean's Quest, each area in the wilderness has a small cave, within which there is a giant teleportation crystal. To use the crystal to teleport to a different area, you must first activate the switch on both sides of the teleportation, meaning that you had to have been in the destination before to have activated the switch. You must then walk into the crystal. Prices vary depending on the distance you are looking to travel, and can cost up to 300 gold coins.

Mirror ExpressEdit


Soul Reaper ExpressEdit

Used in Aveyond 3: The Darkthrop Prophecy to teleport from Underfall to Ghed'ahre (and vice versa). To teleport, the soul reaper teleports your soul to each destination.

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