The chosen one is a recurring subject in the Aveyond series, it is someone that can change the world, to save it or to destroy it.

Ahriman's ProphecyEdit

Talia Maurva is the chosen one in Ahriman's Prophecy, she had to save the world from Ahriman, her destiny revealed at a ceremony to see what is her profession when she had to be "named" by Avrail, she saw a dark ceremony to summon Ahriman, then Talia was sent to the School of War and Magic were she trained her power. It is revealed later that she has so much power because she is half human and half fairy, her mother was Nino, a fairy. She finaly succeed to kill Ahriman because that was her destiny but he was not defeaded.

Aveyond: Rhen's QuestEdit

Rhen Pendragon is the chosen one in Aveyond 1, she is the one who must fulfill a prophecy, to destroy Ahriman forever. She is the daughter of Devin Perry and Alicia Pendragon that once helped Talia to save the world from Ahriman. When she was born a prophecy appeared, Ahriman knew the danger and so he attacked Thais and the mainland, only two islands remained, Thais and Mysten Far, fortunately Rhen was taken in Clearwater but Alicia died and Devin was somewhere lost. In the end of her quest Rhen killed Ahriman with the Sword of Shadows and restored the balance in the world.

Aveyond 2: Ean's QuestEdit

Iya Tiki is the chosen one in Aveyond 2, she is an elf with great magic potential but at the beginig she didn't know about her power because she failed her singing test. She is captured by the Snow Queen because of her power and her spirit is also stolen, only remained her love spirit. Iya is saved by Ean, they escaped from the Snow Queen and managed to meet the Oracle, she said that Iya must fulfill a prophecy, to save the world. Iya in her journey had to find her lost spirits, to find the six nymphs, but one nymph, the nymph of compassion was Istar, the Snow Queen. Iya with Ean's help defeated Istar and restored her love blessing, but the true evil was Heptitus, the nymph of wickedness. Iya defeated Heptitus and returned to Elfwood, her home.

Aveyond 3: The Darkthrop PhropecyEdit

In Aveyond 3: TDP , Mel is the chosen one who fulfiled the Darkthrop Phropecy and ruled the world with the help of the darklings who captured all the world rulers and made her the queen of the whole world. .

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