Thais is the most popular city which is the largest one in the world. It has been appeared through all parts of Aveyond series .

Founded Unknown (before AP)
Founded by The Pendragon family (maybe)
Acreage large
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Political regime monarchy
Rulers The Pendragon family
Citizen Thaisian
First appearance Ahriman's Prophecy

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Ahriman's ProphecyEdit

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Ahriman's ProphecyEdit

Aveyond 1 Rhen's QuestEdit

Aveyond 2 Ean's QuestEdit

Aveyond 3 Orbs of MagicEdit

The RulersEdit


When Talia went to Thais, the city has been ruled by the Pendragon family- King Alexander and Queen Alisandra.

Between AP and AV1Edit

After Talia's journey, princess Alicia has gotten married with Devin Perry and they becomes King and Queen of Thais.

When Ahriman's forces came and destroy Thais (18 AR), Queen Alicia sacrificed, the king has been lost, there are non ruler


When Rhen's has finished her duty, she had to heir the throne of Thais with her husband Dameon Maurva, their ruled was great and wrote in the history


This time, the king was Teor Pendragon- Rhen's third generation- with Queen Guevene. After they have been turned to ice by Snow Queen, prince Uthar Pendragon regented Thais.

The Iya's team finished her prophecy, King Teor and Queen Guevene continued their ruled.

Maybe, next king is the crown-prince Uthar and queen is the princess Ella the Fourth of Candar


King William Pendragon (Uthar Pendragon's son) and Queen Gwyneth has ruled Thais for a long time.

Lydia Rupert's coup was happened (338 AR), she exiles the king and queen to a far away land, deported prince Edward Pendragon and obvious, she becomes Queen of Thais.

Queen Mel Darkthrop has been fullfilling her family' prophecy, she revenges Lydia and caught her quickly, throw her to the Underfall's jail.

After the prophecy's stopped (339 AR), Edward Pendragon dethrones Lydia, becomes king of Thais with his queen. The woman that becomes queen depends on who the player chose to marry Edward, either MelStella, or Lydia but the developers said that it was Stella the true queen of Thais because Mel married to Lars VIII.

The people lifeEdit

The peoples living in Thais, generally are from rich and Nobles family. There is no problem of unemployment and Drainage System. Thais's life is peaceful.

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