This is the main article, please help me write more closely about the relationship of Te'ijal and Galahad, two vampires caught in a love hate relationship. You can look for dialog box in AV1, AV2 and AV3 to write (the best way is to replay the game in easy mode).

Stay away from me creature of the night!

-Galahad to Te'ijal

Aveyond: Rhen's QuestEdit

Te'ijal and Galahad first meet in Sedona as your party goes to see the King a thief try to kill him. Galahad is one of the King's loyal paladins, and when the King sends you on a mission to find the thief, he insists that he come along to protect Rhen. Most members of the party are hesitant to allow it, but Te'ijal says that he may come. Galahad makes it very clear that he does not believe in magic, and he hates Te'ijal. Te'ijal evetually traps Galahads soul in a Soul Pendant (Purchased in Velderah), and offers him a trade: if he agrees to marry her, she will return his soul.

The two are married, but when Galahad says that he upheld his end of the bargain, and demands that Te'ijal return his soul, she does so by biting him. "Don't worry, I've only borrowed your soul for eternity...Here, husband, take some of my sunblock. You will need it now." Galahad faints, and spends the rest of the game running away from his new wife and grieving over becoming a 'creature of the dark'.

Aveyond 2: Ean's QuestEdit

The two can be seen in the underworld, where Galahad is still complaining about his being 'tricked into marrying Tei'jal' and being 'turned into a creature of the dark' .

Aveyond 3: Orbs of MagicEdit

300 years have passed, and Te'ijal and Galahad are back again, defending Mel Darkthrop from Te'ijal's brother, Gyendal. The first scene with the two of them is when Galahad has 'run away' from Te'ijal on one of his 'suicide missions'. He agrees to help his wife rescue humanity again, if only because it is a noble cause. Te'ijal usually addresses him as 'husband' or 'Galahad', while Galahad will either refer to her as 'serpent spawn' or 'wife', depending on his mood. While Te'ijal will make the occasional comment about eating someone, and Galahad will over-react and demand that she repent her evil ways, the two have obviously come to an understanding of how to live with one another. The defining point in their relationship comes when they are taken by surprise by Gyendal and his followers in Darkthrop Keep. Gyendal tells his men to "Tie her up in front of the largest window and leave her to burn when the sun rises." He then gives Galahad a choice...either burn with his wife, or leave and be free of her when the sun rises. Galahad replies "Burn the witch alone. I'm leaving." He leaves the tower and goes to a nearby bar, where he has a discussion with a few of the men there about why he hates his wife. After hearing his story, the men say that surely, she must have some redeeming qualities, and Galahad realises that "her bark is worse than her bite" as one of the men points out. Another says that he had the same problem, and had hated his wife up until the day she died. "I found out too late that I loved the woman." At this, Galahad, makes a decision, and goes back to save Te'ijal.

Galahad and Te'ijal come in contact with the Orb of Life when Stella uses it to defeat Gyendal, and all three vampires are turned into humans. Te'ijal goes with Galahad back to Sedona, where they try to start a new life. Decidedly unhappy about being human, and not quite sure how to deal with her suddenly affectionate husband, Te'ijal writes to Mel about how miserable she is. Later on, when Mel is kidnapped, Te'ijal and Galahad are asked to help retrieve her, but Tei'jal refuses to go, pointing out that they are humans, and that if Mel couldn't stop Gyendal, then how could they. Galahad uses their 300-year-old marriage contract to force Te'ijal into going, reminding her that one of her vows was to be obedient to him as long as they lived. They set out to rescue Mel, but they have to go into the Demon Realm, and the only way to do so and return unharmed is for one of them to become a vampire again. Galahad is reluctant, but grudgingly agrees to let Te'ijal turn back. She calls on the vampire Beatrice to bite her, but Beatrice bites Galahad instead. Te'ijal tries to convince him to bite her as well, but he refuses to curse her with being a vampire again. Galahad then goes to rescue Mel, but both of them become corrupted, because Mel is human and Galahad is not a full vampire. Te'ijal goes with Stella and Edward to find a way to cure them, but when they return with the cure, Mel and Galahad attack. At the end of the fight, they are both knocked unconscious and returned to normal. Te'ijal asks Galahad one last time to bite her and change her back, but he refuses. Te'ijal tells him: "Very well, then. You leave me no choice. Remember, Galahad, I tried to be diplomatic..." and then she bites him and turns back into a vampire. She explains that this is because the vampire curse only requires a fluid transfer. Galahad tries once again to bring up their marriage contract when Te'ijal goes to leave, but she points out "We are dead, Galahad, the contract is null and void." However, because he is the cause of her becoming a vampire once more, he is her maker and as such, she is obligated to obey him.

The game ends with the two of them returning to Ghed'ahre in exchange for Te'ijal promising never to eat another human.

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