A Sword Singer is someone who uses a sword as a conduit to perform devastating abilities. Most Sword Singers use metal, however, some are powerful enough to use wood e.g. Rhen Pendragon who was able to use something as mundane as a stick to strike Lars to stop him abusing a slave boy. This display of power catches the attention of a Sorcerer and Sword Singer from the Shadwood Academy who remark that this level of ability hasn't been seen in centuries. Elder Oaks can also sense potential for Sword Singing in people.

Sword Singers also seek out Swords of Power. These relics are extremely rare and the ability to make them has been lost. They also imbue the Sword Singer with the ability to learn new abilities whilst they are equipped. New abilities can also be taught by expert trainers or instructors at places of learning like the Shadwood Academy.

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