Aia is the world of Aveyond, it is a big world so it has many species but it is said that all had been born from the Oracle, here are some of the most important species:

Humans are the dominant specie, they possess many kinds of magic, but only few can use magic. Some of them are categorized as witches and warlocks but they are not a diferent specie, and some women have became priestesses but they also remain human. Humans can use white magic, black magic, sword magic and summons. The most of the cities build by humans.

Elves are a humanoid specie whose main difference is theier ears, it is a very peaceful specie, they use magic only to protect themselves and they usually doesn't enter in conflict with anyone only in very special situations. Elves usually use healing magic, song magic and a few are shapeshifters. Elves live in Venwood, Elfwood and Verashema.

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