(not mention but maybe very old)
Stardale Glen
Water nymph
Wildland, Verashema, other nymphs of spirit, the Oracle
Nymph of Luck
First appearance
Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest, in the top hill of Shivendale wood
Serendipity is the nymph of luck, one of world six-nymph of spirit that Iya must find. She lives at Stardale Glen, based on an island called Wildland, and is the guardian who protects Verashema- a small elf village.

She is a little fairy and has magic kind is water, that makes some people call her the water nymph.

She has been kidnapped to the Shivendale wood hill by the troll team (Snow Queen behind). When Iya and team have rescued her, she kindly gives her luck blessing.

She usually wonders why some people want to kidnap a nymph and she said that she fears for her sister.

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