Ryva is a small, farming town. It is only seen in Aveyond 2: Ean's Quest , as the hometown of Rye

The town will be visited multiple times throughout the game.

Location Edit

Ryva is located west of the mainland, south of Shaenlir. It is secluded beyond the woodlands. Ryva is the first town visited by Ean after rescuing Iya from the Snow Queen. Although it can be visited earlier after arriving to the man world, it is not advised as the monsters are tough at this point. However, in Version 1, it is visited by Ean after Ravenwood and before Shaenlir.

Quests Edit

  • Rye Zoyle is a young adventurer who will join the party after rescuing Iya.
  • Aidan says he is looking for his lost novel. A man said that he saw Aidan reading the novel be the waterfall.
  • A cow and a chicken can be bought from Ryva after buying Grimm’s farm.
  • Great Grandma Nora dies, and Eamon will ask you to find his sister, Linia, in Ravenwood and tell her the news. A death certificate can be found in her house and can be used to enter the underworld.
  • Nora, now in Land of the Dead, is bitter because her husband doesn't remember her. This quest can be solved by finding the love letter He wrote for her in her house in Ryva.
  • Thistleroot that is used to cure the monster in Ravenwood can be found in the Woodlands near Ryva.