Biographical information
Age: 24
Hometown: Delamere
Physical information
Species: Elf
Gender: Female
Height: normal
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue-Green
Skin color: Dark
Family and Friends
Riley (son)
Personality, abilities
Ship pilot, carpenter, inventor
Weapon type:
Behind the Scenes
Rowen is one of the main characters in Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist. She is an elf of Delamere and was enslaved by a Mystic to serve in his money-making scheme until she was freed by the party.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Rowen grew up in Delamere, dreaming about adventuring around the world. When she was young she explored the Vault in Daintree Forest to satisfy her adventurous spirit. Her friend Miles who was secretly in love with her often joined her on her adventures even though he hated the place. The two eventually fell in love, married, and had a son named Riley. After their marriage Rowen realized Miles didn't share her longing for adventure, dashing her dream of the two traveling the world together, but tried settling down to a quiet life with her family.

Eventually a Mystic arrived in Delamere looking to enslave an elf for his wicked schemes. Rowen, whose thirst for adventure was already compelling her to leave, saw it as her call to adventure coming early. She took the curse to save another from a lifetime of slavery and left as the Mystic's slave. Her departure left her husband confused and bitter towards her. She spent two years as an overworked slave for the Mystic in Tor, helping him ensure all his "predictions" came true.

Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist Edit

The party meets Rowen multiple times when they seek help from the Mystic. Rowen assists the party by fulfilling the "predictions" they ask for and providing useful information.

When the party is in need of a ship, Rowen reveals she is a pilot and can lead them to one if they help break her curse. When she is freed, she brings them to Delamere so they can commandeer the ancient elven ship, the Rickety Biscuit.

In Delamere Rowen is forced to confront her husband Miles who first argues against their taking the ship, and later refuses to give them the key to the Vault where the ship's manual is located. Discovering that her son has recurring nightmares after exploring the Vault and encountering the ghouls there, Miles finally relents and allows Rowen and Hi'beru to heal their son's dreams. During this she learns that her son wanted to explore the Vaults out of admiration for his adventurer mother (who he doesn't know is Rowen) whom his father always tells him stories about, bringing her to tears. She and her husband finally have a civil conversation and both express regret over how their relationship turned out before Rowen leaves to finish her quest with the others. She later tells Hi'beru that this will likely be her last adventure.

After completing her adventure, Rowen returns to Delamere intending to settle down with her family for good. She reveals that she is Riley's mother and the two can be seen having practice adventures in what appears to be the Halaina Dungeon, with Riley affectionately calling her Mummy. Miles steps into the room as well, he and Rowen seemingly reconciled, stumped by the Dungeon puzzles for which he gets teased by his son and wife. The family is happy.

Relationships Edit

Miles Edit

Miles was Rowen's friend and later husband. While Rowen wanted to explore the outside world, Miles preferred a settled life away from the dangers of the outside. Despite these differences the two tried to be the person the other wished for, with Miles going on adventures in the Vault with Rowen despite his hatred of the place, and Rowen laying aside her adventuring to start a family with Miles. Despite their best efforts however, Rowen eventually could no longer resist the call of adventure and knowing Miles would be against her choice left alone to see the world (though not in the way she probably intended). When she returns her husband refuses to let her back into his and their son's lives, and Rowen can only watch longingly from outside. It is only when their son is in danger that Miles relents and finally has a civil conversation with his wife in which both express regret for the outcome of their relationship. We also learn that despite the pain caused by her absence, Miles remembers her fondly, describing her as the most beautiful elf in Delamere and giving their son hope that she will return once her adventure to save the world is done. This brief return home leads to a change of heart in Rowen, and for the first time she longs for home and family more than adventure, deciding to make this quest her last. She and Miles eventually reconcile and find a happy middle ground, settling down as a family but also having practice adventures with their son.

Riley Edit

Riley is Rowen's son. Rowen cares deeply for her son and is unable to ignore his suffering even when she feels she doesn't deserve to be part of his life after choosing to leave years ago. Riley was too young to remember much of his mother and relied on stories from his dad to learn more about her. When the two finally meet, Riley expresses a great admiration for his mother and a desire to go on adventures just like she does one day, bringing tears to her eyes. It is Rowen's desire to be with Riley and her husband that leads her back home after saving the world. She now finds great joy in teaching Riley, and her husband, the ways of adventuring.

The Mystic Edit

Rowen and the Mystic share a slave and master relationship. But while Rowen serves the Mystic, she is not subservient to him, constantly ignoring his orders to be quiet and taunting him in the presence of his customers.

Hi'beru Edit

Hi'beru and Rowen become good friends during their quest. Rowen finds comfort in the fact that Hi'beru, like herself, left his home believing there were things to learn in the outside world that he couldn't learn by staying. He is the only one who notices her sneaking out at night to see her family and helps her in ridding her son of his nightmares. She later confides in him about her desire to return home after this adventure.

Abilities Edit

Rowen is a skilled mechanic and inventor, able to pilot a ship and repair or sabotage structures. Rowen can also become a Sword Singer if the player visits the Elder Oak in Briar Woods with her in the party.

Mechanic Edit

Rowen's main weapon is a wrench which she can use to clobber enemies. She is also able to construct gadgets using the tools in her satchel to both damage enemies and heal the party.

Clobber - Attack an enemy with a wrench

Gadget (randomly does one of the following)

  • Steal - steals gold from a random enemy
  • Net Stun - randomly stuns an enemy
  • Danger Bomb - attacks a random enemy with bomb
  • Bandage Bot - slightly heals the whole party

Sword Singer Edit

If the player brings Rowen to the Elder Oak in Briar Woods she will be given the choice to become a Sword Singer. Afterwards, by visiting the golden Sword Singer statues throughout Aia, Rowen can learn new Sword Singer skills.

Sword Singer Statue Locations

  • Ginger Nut Forest, past the village and north of the two-card flip tables
  • Shadow Isles, on an island on the west side of the map only accessible by turtle
  • Depths of Fire, in the basement of the love potion shop
  • Wind Tower, up the stairs on the right from the first floor
  • Snow Isle, slightly northeast of the entrance across the first bridge

Sword Singer Skills

  • Blade Waltz - Dancer and sword become one in a violent display
    • Hits 1-5 times, Targets a random enemy
  • Soaring Eagle - Soar high and strike like an eagle
    • Targets a random enemy
  • Flame Melody - Sing a melody of fire toward your enemies
    • Targets all enemies
  • Wind Vale - Slice through the calm air in a shocking display
    • Hits 3 times, Targets all enemies
  • Sweet Surrender - Soothe enemies into a false sense of defeat
    • Hits 2 times, Targets a random enemy
  • Friendship Song* - Heal the party through friendship
    • Targets all allies
  • Used by Robin, with Rowen in the party