Biographical information
Age: 19
Hometown: Halaina
Physical information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: Normal tall
Hair color: Blond
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: Pale
Family and Friends
Personality, abilities
Weapon type:
Stable boy (formerly)
Behind the Scenes

Biography Edit

Robin was born and raised in Halaina by his mother, whom he calls Nan. Robin aspires to be a Paladin, but was looked down upon for his naivety and trusting nature by the paladins of the Crusade and given the post of stable boy. He is good friends with the animals he tends.

Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist Edit

The group first encounters Robin while searching for a Paladin to awaken the cursed Princess of Halaina. Boyle hatches a plan to kidnap Robin, who appears weak, not knowing he isn't really a Paladin. When the he fails to awaken the Princess the party discovers this problem and Ingrid devises a fake trial to make Robin believe he is a Paladin. After a series of unexpected events, Robin gains confidence in his abilities and successfully awakens the Princess. Robin is also accepted into the group as a friend by Myst and Ingrid and as a minion to Boyle.

After awakening the Princess, the party is sent to join the Crusade if they want to reach the Shadow Isles. Robin is able to prove himself a worthy Paladin to join the Crusade along with his friends. But the Crusade ends in disaster and the party is saved only by the timely arrival of Galahad. The group is safely returned to Halaina where they seek another method to reach the Shadow Isles.

After finding a ship and pilot, Rowen the elf, the group again ventures to the Shadow Isles where they find Galahad still locked in combat with demons. After finishing the demons off Galahad takes a rest and Myst forcibly borrows Galahad's sword for Robin which he reluctantly accepts. The party attempts to climb Skull Mountain but are blocked by a powerful barrier. The party then goes to Ulrock to find a Draaghar capable of breaking the barrier.

When the party meets Phye in Ulrock, Robin immediately eyes Phye's newly crafted sword and challenges the Draaghar to a game of Two-Card Flip for it, but is politely refused and promised a better sword later.

The player can choose whether or not to complete Robin's Sword by retrieving an Inert Blade at the Wind Tower and forging it back at Phye's workshop. Once forged Phye tells Robin he must pass a trial to unlock the blade's true power and takes him to the Depths of Fire to defeat a demon (Phye later tells Ingrid the trial was a fake intended to make Robin believe he was worthy). This quest gives Robin his strongest weapon, the Guardian's Blade.

After ascending Skull Mountain and defeating Hercules, Robin and Myst are seen sharing a picnic together. Robin says he enjoyed working with the night watch and hopes to continue adventuring. The two wonder what their Night Watch friends are doing and Myst replies they must be doing something good. The Militant Squirrels are later shown taking over Halaina, having with hover crafts built from blueprints bought at Robin's shop.

Night Watch Edit

In Halaina, Robin and Myst are given the opportunity to join the Night Watch, an organization of animals that watch over the town at night but is also lead by militant squirrels bent on world domination. Robin and Myst go on a series of quests to investigate a mysterious Werebear plaguing the areas around Halaina. They eventually discover the Werebear is actually a Weresquirrel and leader of the Night Watch.