Nicolas Pendragon
Prince Nicolas
Biographical information
Born: 196 AY
Age: 22 in Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest
Nationality: Thaisian
Hometown: Thais
Alias: (help)
Physical information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: normal
Hair color: yellow
Eye color: light green
Skin color: white
Family and Friends
Father: King Teor Pendragon
Mother: Queen Guevene Pendragon
Elder brother: Uthar Pendragon
heroes party
Snow Queen
Personality, abilities
royal, noble
scum witch (warlock Gavin), civilian, poor people, beggar, thief, pirate (Ava)
little afraid at Ava
strong healer
protecting himself and party with magical shields
Weapon type:
white magic staff
royal noble healer, prince of Thais
Member of Iya's group (without Gavin) in Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest
(Aveyond 2 party goodie can make Nicolas and Gavin become in harmony)
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest, in his room in Thais castle


Early life and before joining the adventureEdit

Quest finding six nymph blessing for IyaEdit


Nicolas appears as a haughty prince, proud of his noble lineage. He is disgusted when commoners talk to him. He consents to joining the party, but his great dislike for anything "beneath him" tends to make him so stubborn that he goes as far as disbanding from the party altogether and waiting in Thais when the party lets the warlock Gavin join. He dislikes witches, warlocks, and pirates, calling them "pirate scum" despite the fact that his own older brother, Uthar, is best friends with Pirate Ava One Eye. Despite this obvious malice to his own allies, however, he does not hold back in helping everyone when in battle. He later becomes much more kind, with Ava's influence, and he is even willing to make sacrifices to make himself a better person.



Royal family, nobleEdit

Civilian, poor peopleEdit

Party heroesEdit




In the royalty and nobility, Nicolas is very famous for his healing talent. It is inherited from his great grandfather's power- Sun Priest Dameon Maurva.

In increasing HP, Nicolas's best skill is Healing Wave used to the heroes party

Increasing health point (HP)

Party level 99, Expert mode

Healing Wave

350-450 HP

In cleaning body from cursed, poisoned, awaking from sleepiness, Nicolas has Bless (remove cursed), Cure (remove poisoned), Awake but the just used for himself or one ally.

In making enemy slilent or fall to sleep, Nicolas's skills are Silence (for one enemy), Lullaby (for enemy party), Sunshine (bought at Happily Ever After magic shop)

In reviving, Nicolas's best skill is Revive Ultima


All allies, Level 99, Expert mode

Revive Ultima

Revives then restores 5-7% health column

In protecting from magical shields:

  • From physical attack, Nicolas has none skill
  • From magical attack, Shield Extora is the best skill, used for all heroes, addition, likes Dameon's seperate specific skill, only works with a kind of magic, Nicolas has Fire shield, Water shield, Dark shield, Earth shield, Spirit shield too, special Magic Shield (protect from most magic attacks) but they just used for himself and one ally too.