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Biographical information
Age: ???
Hometown: Mist Realm
Physical information
Species: Mist Wraith
Gender: Female
Height: Normal
Hair color: White
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Pale
Family and Friends
Whisp (brother)
Personality, abilities
Might turn into a four-legs at will, healing
Weapon type:
Mother of the Mist Realm
Behind the Scenes
Myst is one the main characters in the Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist. She goes on a mission to rescue her brother, while learning as much as possible about humans.

Biography Edit

Before her brother was kidnapped, Myst was just living her casual life as a Mist Wraith, searching for a suitable mate. When she met Boyle, she decided that she wants to accompany him, because it was unusual for her to see a man who treasures a four-leg creature as much as someone of his own kind.

Personality Edit

Myst has a personality that is similar to one of a fox- smart, mischievous, enjoys teasing other, however, she never really wishes anyone ill, is prepared to help others, even those whom she does not know. It is hard to anger her, but if her friends are threatened, she is very fierce.

She often helps others out, is easily excitable and has much to learn about the human race, but she eagerly learns and observes.

Appearance Edit

Myst appears to be a slim, petite girl that dresses in clothes that resemble nature very much. Even her physical qualities remind those of a fox. She can easily shape shift at will, becoming a snow white fox.

Relationships Edit

Skills Edit

Two legs:

Envelop - Envelops the enemy in mist

Soothe - Heals damage

Four Legs:

Pounce - Does double damage to wounded enemies

Swipe - Swipes all enemies with one vicious blow

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