Lydia Rupert
Lydia Rupert
Lady Lydia
Biographical information
Born: 301 AY
Age: 18 in Aveyond Gates of Night
Nationality: Thaisian
Hometown: Thais
Alias: (help)
Physical information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: Average Height
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: White
Family and Friends
Father: Lord Rupert
Mother: Lady Desmona
Edward Pendragon

(Marriage later annulled)

Many noble friends
The Pendragons, Mel
Personality, abilities
Power, dominance, fame, fortune, expensive dresses
Civilians, poor and dirty people
Slightly afraid of Te'ijal, frogs, dirty items
Favorite color:
Powerful magic abilities
One of the strongest mages in the Aveyond series, the strongest mage in Aveyond 3 Orbs of Magic
Weapon type:
Magic Staffs
The strongest War and Magic school's magic student, "luxury" noble, Queen of Thais (320-321 AY), prisoner
Member of Mel's group in Aveyond Gates of Night
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Book 1: Lord of Twilight, in War and Magic school magic practicing class
Voiced by:
Eva Maass
Lydia Rupert is a noble related to the royal family. She is the most powerful mage in the Thais School of War and Magick, and is an ally during Aveyond III: Gates of Night.


Early lifeEdit

Lydia is the daughter of the Queen's cousin, Lady Desmona, making her a candidate for the throne.

She first appears as a mage studying at the Thais School of War and Magick located in the southeastern part of Thais. Although the rules clearly state that no one is allowed to brag about his or her own wealth to anyone to promote equality, she shoves her noble position in everyone's faces, especially Mel's, who she greatly dislikes. She is often seen fawning over Edward, often calling him "m'lord" and other honorifics. She is quite jealous when other girls are linked with Edward, as she plans to marry him and become Queen of Thais.

In Gates of Night, before the party sets off to Naylith Summit, Lydia arrives before all of them (plus the King and Queen) to return the sewing materials Lady Desmona borrowed from the Queen a while back. While she retreats, she hears about Edward's consequence of being the husband of the Orc Princess if he doesn't find a suitable wife soon and hurriedly runs out of the scene.

Joining Mel's partyEdit

The next time Lydia reappears is when the party enters Stormbend for the first time. Lydia blocks the way, demanding that she join the group so she could take care of Edward by herself. She states that she does not trust a bunch of commoners with the crown prince. Sparking Mel's anger, they prepare to duel after a verbal banter, but this is dismissed by Te'ijal , who lets her join, much to the dismay of both Edward and Mel. Te'ijal points out that they need another mage, in addition to Stella, and Lydia fits. Grudgingly, they let her join, but on Edward's condition that she must not call him "m'lord", to which she answers "yes, m'lord".

Queen of ThaisEdit

Lydia only became Queen of Thais by diguising herself as Mel to marry Edward in The Lost Orb. Edward was unaware of it until Mel came in and Lydia revealed herself. From there on, she banned her from the castle and only sent a few of her belongings. Mel was forced out on the street and takes a small apartment.

After the prophecyEdit

One month Stella's party destroy Mordred Darkthrop and his minions, cleanse Galahad and Mel's soul, they comeback to Thais together, the people don't want Lydia to be queen so they throw her into Thais dungeon with her uncle Lord Wallace. If you choose Edward purpose her in the end, she'll become queen once again and of course, she'll throw Mel and other party members out of the castle, but seem, citizens of Thais still not want her sit on the throne. If Edward purpose other girls, in the ending said that she escaped the dungeon and try to overthrow Edward one more time but she failed and she was sent to the Orc Prison.


She is mostly a spoiled brat who wants the throne to herself. Like she says when she visited Gyendal who was being bored and and unable to blast himself out. She said, "I don't want to share the throne with anyone!". She is also self-centered and loves a lavish lifestyle, which is shown as all gown-shops in Aveyond have nothing to offer anymore, because the Queen of Thais orderd so many new gowns for herself. She doesn't care being unpopular in the kingdom, as she only cares for herself.


Lydia is well distinguished from the other party members by her green hair and numerous dresses. Her starting out dress is black, with gold accents. In Gates Of Night, you can buy her dresses that she can wear. If you have a golden charm, you can get Edward to buy her all the dresses.


Like Stella, Lydia uses staves, but Stella's staff is enhanced with light magic and Lydia's staff with dark magic, her most powerful equipment in Gates of Night is Moon Staff.



Please see the main article: Mel and Lydia's relationship

Edward and Pendragon familyEdit

She acted politely to the Pendragon Family and Edward in Lord of Twilight and Gates of Night, but in fact she wants to ruin them very badly.

Others nobility familiesEdit

The games didn't mention how she treated the other noble families, but she does want to befriend them. She wants to raise the power of nobles in Thais to the max and set the voice of the commoners down as much as she can, which is why nobody wants her to be queen but noble families.

Te'ijal and GalahadEdit

Lydia's relationship with Te'ijal consists of Te'ijal trying to convince Galahad to feed on Lydia, and Lydia making comments such as, "Ugh! You are so foul!" and "I heard that!" Due to Te'ijal's wanting to feed on her/have Galahad feed on her, however, Galahad argues with Te'ijal constantly about the subject, and his interaction with Lydia consists of him assuring her he won't allow his wife to harm her.


Always is calling Stella's dresses ugly, out of date, ect.


Calls him on occation smelly, ugly, etc.


From the fact she is little scared of Te'jial, which draws the line at she is scared of him too.


When they were trying to activate the orb of life, she says The Oracle was wrong because Lydia used dark magic. The orb actually worked when Stella used healing magic instead.


Many powerful magic abilities, mostly which she learns through books that are scattered throughout the game.