Recovery items :

Cheese - heals 15 HP

Fresh blood - heals 25 HP

Bread - heals 35 HP

Haunch - heals 50 HP

Fresh milk - heals 75 HP

Pumpkin pie - heals 150 HP

Venison - heals 200 HP

Elixir - heals 100% HP and the status ailments

Covey balm - heals 50 MP

Auquifolium - heals 200 MP

Auquifolium extora - heals 100% MP

Myrica infusion - heals 100% MP of all heroes

Tinctura Hypericum - heals 100% HP and MP of all heroes

Cassia leaf - revives one hero

Marsh tea - cures poison status

Witcheye root - cures curse staus

Skin cream - cures stone status

Mugwort - increases with +5 the strength of one hero

Mandrake - increases with 100 the mana capacity of one hero


Bomber bird egg - opens blocked passageways or can be used in battle

Easter egg - can heal or curse the party members

Spider egg - poisons the enemy party - obtained only in LOT

Red warp egg - transports the party to Moo Hatchery

Blue warp egg - transports the party to the dungeon entrance

Green warp egg - used to escape battles

Snap dragon egg - cures sleep and paralysis status

Shieking egg - cures silence status

Level egg - increase the level of the party members

Battle items

Beast repellent - repels the beasts for a short period of time

Firefly scroll - cast firefly on the enemy party

Rockslide scroll - fall from the sky on the enemy party

Holy scroll - surround an enemy with holy magic

Ice storm scroll - cast ice storm on the enemy party

Ice shield scroll - cast ice shield on all allies

Death scroll - steals the soul of an enemy

Weevil scroll - infest the enemy party with weevils

Lightning ring - a ring that conjures lightning - obtained only in LOT

Blizzard ring - a ring that conjures blizzard

Gems - used for Excalibur



Ice diamond - obtained after dipping Excalibur in the fountain

Sun diamond - only found in the Goodie cave

Key items

Orb - an orb filled with darkness

Letter for Ulaf - It says: To Head Master Ulaf, School of War and Magic

Holy water - A flask of water blessed by a priestess

Statuette - a small crystal statuette

Apartment key - a key to unlock apartment 2B

Note for Lia - a note for Lia, the dressmaker in Thais

Ticket for ball - a ticket to enter the royal ball

Silver ring - a small silver ring

Case of wine - wine from Château Lenore

Soul - a glowing soul with the name "Gladamere" upon it

Designer coffin - a fancy coffin

World map - a map of the world

Milk pail - a wooden pail

Pickaxe - a mining tool

Dynamite - a stick of dynamite

Sunscreen - protects from the sun's harmful rays

Firewood - a cord of seasoned wood

Flint - a slab of flint

Broach - a small golden broach

Letter for Burnaby - a letter for Burnaby in Harburg

Letter for Hanna - a letter for Hanna in Thais

Memoir - Gunthrop family memoir

Merchant pass - a card key to unlock the merchents' road

Eye drops - restores sight