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Daggers (Mel)
Name Weapon power Note
Rusty dagger 4
Copper dagger 9
Iron dagger 12
Steel dagger 18
Poison dagger 28 +Poison
Silver dagger 32
Cursed dagger 45 +Curse
Ice dagger 50 Ice enchanted
Magma dagger 60 Fire enchanted
Charmed dagger 110 Light enchanted
Osmium daggar 160 Can also be found in a Goodie cave.

Name Weapon power Wearer Note
Iron sword 14 Edward, Galahad
Long sword 45 Edward, Galahad
Excalibur 17 Edward
Excalibur Topaz 21 Edward wind enchanted
Excalibur Sapphire 50 Edward
Excalibur Ice 65 Edward ice and water enchanted (after dipping Excalibur Sapphire in the fountain)
Excalibur Ruby 70 Edward
Excalibur Flame 90 Edward fire enchanted (after dipping Excalibur Ruby in the fountain)
Excalibur Pearl 100 Edward +sleep, light enchanted
Excalibur Emerald 140 Edward
Excalibur Diamond 170 Edward
Excalibur Sun 185 Edward light enchanted (after dipping Excalibur Diamond in the fountain, the sun diamond can be found in the Goodie cave)
Cursed sword 35 Galahad +curse
Mercenary sword 63 Galahad
Serpent sword 70 Galahad +poison
Fire sword 80 Galahad fire enchanted
Ogre sword 100 Galahad
Charmed sword 160 Galahad +berserk, light enchanted
Medusa sword 180 Galahad +stone, darkness enchanted
Osmium sword 190 Galahad
Thor 210 Galahad only found in the Goodie cave or won from Marcello

Name Weapon power Physical defense Magical defense Wearer Note
Oak staff 5 0 0 Stella, Lydia
Silver staff 12 10 0 Stella
Wind staff 32 0 0 Stella wind enchanted
Bewitched staff 90 0 0 Stella +berserk, light enchanted
Staff of Light 110 10 0 Stella light enchanted (can be found in the Goodie cave)
Black oak staff 33 0 0 Lydia darkness enchanted
Dragon staff 36 10 0 Lydia fire enchanted
Sea staff 80 0 20 Lydia water enchanted
Moon staff 120 0 0 Lydia light enchanted (can be found in the Goodie cave)

Bows (Te'ijal)
Name Weapon power Note
Oak bow 25
Black oak bow 38 darkness enchanted
Long bow 55
Crossbow 70
Goblin bow 130 +sleep, fire enchanted
Frog bow 160 water enchanted
Centaur's bow 190 wind enchanted
Crusher 215 light enchanted (can be found in the Goodie cave)

Axes (Ulf)
Name Weapon power Note
Club 14
Axe 75
Fire axe 105 fire enchanted
Osmium axe 200
Istrom 220 wind, light enchanted (can be found in the Goodie cave)


Shields (all party members)
Name Physical defense Magical defense Note
Plate shield 4 0
Dwarven shield 7 0
Imperial shield 16 0
Fire shield 25 0 fire protection
Dragon scale shield 32 0
Charmed shield 50 20 light protection
Medusa shield 80 0 darkness, berserk protection
Zurvan shield 40 40 darkness protection
Bone shield 80 0 darkness protection
Blessed shield 90 10 darkness, plague, weevils and curse protection (can be found in the Goodie cave)

Books (Lydia)
Name Spells
Book of faery Succubus, Banshee, Pixie, Pooka, Siren
Book of storms Gust, Wind whip, Tornado, Lightning storm, Tempest
Book of wyrm Flame breath, Gragon snort, Explode, Dragon fury, Brimstone
Ancient book Snowbringer, Mortmal's swarm, Lore, Web of lore, Starshine

Helmets (all party members)
Name Physical defense Magical defense Note
Leather helmet 2 0
Dwarven helmet 4 0
Imperial helmet 10 0
Cursed helmet 13 0 cursed
Orc helmet 20 0
Charmed hat 30 10 light protection
Skull helmet 40 0 darkness protection (can be found in the Goodie cave)

Name Physical defense Magical defense Wearer Note
Dirty clothes 2 0 Mel
Traveling clothes 4 0 Mel
Leather uniform 19 5 Mel
Studded uniform 55 0 Mel
Stealth uniform 200 0 Mel
Spy uniform 250 0 Mel
Shadow uniform 300 0 Mel can be found in the Goodie cave
Plate armor 9 0 Edward, Galahad, Te'ijal
Dwarven armor 14 0 Edward, Galahad, Te'ijal
Ice mail 50 0 Edward, Galahad, Te'ijal ice protection
Imperial armor 60 0 Edward, Galahad, Te'ijal
Fire armor 70 0 Edward, Galahad, Te'ijal fire protection
Dragon mail 80 30 Edward, Galahad, Te'ijal fire, curse protection
Cursed mail 120 0 Edward, Galahad, Te'ijal cursed
Elvin mail 110 10 Edward, Galahad, Te'ijal
Shark armor 120 0 Edward, Galahad, Te'ijal water protection
Charmed armor 200 30 Edward, Galahad, Te'ijal light, clumsy protection
Skeleton armor 290 0

Edward, Galahad, Te'ijal

Zurvan armor 250 50 Edward, Galahad, Te'ijal
Shadow armor 310 0 Edward, Galahad, Te'ijal darkness protection (can be found in the Goodie cave)
Robe 6 0 Stella, Lydia
White robe 13 10 Stella, Lydia wind, darkness protection
Desert robe 62 0 Stella, Lydia fire protection
Cursed robe 80 0 Stella, Lydia cursed
Elvin robe 80 10 Stella, Lydia
Aegis robe 130 20 Stella, Lydia water protection
Fairy clothes 210 30 Stella, Lydia light, clumsy protection
Medusa robe 250 0 Stella, Lydia darkness, berserk protection
Tivanna robe 240 40 Stella, Lydia light, sleep, silence protection
Cloak of death 300 0 Stella, Lydia can be found in the Goodie cave
Orc doublet 100 0 Ulf
Medusa doublet 220 0 Ulf earth, berserk protection
Skeleton doublet 280 0 Ulf darkness protection


Accesories (all party members)
Name Physical defense Magical defense Note
Leather boots 2 0
Steel boots 6 0
Wyrm boots 12 0 fire protection
Magic shoes 0 100
Dung shoes 0 0 only for Ulf, the monsters disappear
Winged shoes 0 0 only Mel, the player can walk faster (can be found in the Goodie cave)
Lucky charm 0 0 sleep, poison, toxic poison, plague, weevils, silence, berserk, curse, stone, clusmy, paralyse protection (obtained only in LOT)
Serpent amulet 0 0 poison, toxic poison protection
Stone amulet 0 0 stone protection
Undead amulet 0 0 darkness, plague, weevils protection
Toad amulet 0 0 curse protection
Fairy amulet 0 0 sleep and clumsy protection
Fire amulet 0 0 fire protection
Berserk amulet 0 0 berserk protection
Sleep amulet 0 0 sleep protection

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