Lars Tenobor
Lars Tenobor
Biographical information
Born: About 1 BY to 1 AY
Age: Rhen's age
Nationality: Veldarian
Hometown: Ghalarah
Physical information
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Height: Average
Hair color: Dark green
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: Tan
Family and Friends
Mother: Rona Tenobor
Rhen (As a possible ending to the game)
Rhen (best friend), many noble friends
Rhen Pendragon (before), Ahriman
Personality, abilities
Rhen (later), learning more and more strong magic skills
Rhen (before), slaves, pirates,Dameon
Women with multiple husbands (namely Elini)
Innate magical power
Small healer's talents, studying magic skills quickly
Weapon type:
Magic staff
Noble boy, strongest Shadwood Academy's magic student, a sorcerer, Shadwood Academy's magic teacher
Member of Rhen's group in Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest, in Ghalarah

Lars is a powerful sorcerer and the first person to join Rhen's party. The son of Rhen's former slavemaster, Rona, Lars begins the game as a spoiled bully. Ultimately he plays a major role in helping Rhen finish the quest, and the two become close friends.


Early lifeEdit

Little is known about Lars's childhood. He does not have a father present, and it can be assumed that Mr. Tenobor has either died or left the family. Lars was raised by his mother, Rona, a wealthy slave-owner. Lars and his mother live in a large house in Ghalarah when Rona purchases Rhen as a slave.

Student and SorcererEdit

Lars is famous in Ghalarah for his affinity for sorcery. He had already been accepted into Shadwood Academy when he makes his first appearance. While he and Rhen both attend school, Lars makes life miserable for her by spreading rumors. However, when the Empress chooses Lars to accompany Rhen on her quest, he slowly begins to grow kinder.

As a sorcerer, Lars is very skilled in combat. He is one of the stronger members of Rhen's party, and he can also join one of four different guilds to increase his number of spells. The four guilds are: Necromancers (located in Velderah), Elite Mages (located in Sedona), Annihilators (located in Veldt), and Time Masters (located in Thais).

Throughout AdventureEdit

After QuestEdit


Initially, Lars is arrogant, cruel, and a bully. He and his friends constantly tease Rhen and the other slaves in Ghalarah and try to make their lives miserable. However, as the game progresses, Lars begins to develop into a caring and thoughtful young man.


Lars has dark green hair. Before he became a sorcerer and was still a student at Shadwood Academy, he wore a brown jacket and pants with blue trimming. After he became a sorcerer, he received long blue robes.


Lars, as a typical mage, equips a staff to wield in battle. However, unlike any other mages in the party, he can equip a staff to which magical orbs can be attached. Spellpower can be increased and even decreased depending on the element of the orb attached.



Lars felt a strong hatred towards Rhen in the beginning of their journey. However, as time passed, they grew closer to each other and in the end a friendship had bloomed between them.

Please see the main article: Rhen and Lars Relationship for more.

Town PeopleEdit

Lars often bullies the slaves of the town, causing them to fear and resent him. However, the higher class townfolk seem to think of him as a lovely, gifted young boy.


When Elini first encounters Lars, she thinks that he wants to join her growing group of husbands. This embarasses and disturbs Lars, who quickly denies Elini's implications. Throughout the quest, Elini and Lars are cordial to each other, though Lars seems to be slightly unnerved that Elini has three husbands and is looking for a fourth.


Lars and Dameon have a very testy relationship. Lars can be very hostile to Dameon, especially when the latter is interacting with Rhen, and vice versa. This mutual dislike is maintained throughout the game.



Pirate John and Mad MargeEdit


Lars is an extremely powerful mage and able to learn a great number of spells. He starts with Shock and can be taught five other spells in the beginning. He can also learn spells from scrolls. When equipped with the Orb Staff, some spells are empowered, depending on the element of the orb attached to the staff. On the other side of the coin, spells that are opposite of the element of the orb will be degraded.

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