King Lionel is the ancient king of elves in the world of Aveyond. He was briefly mentioned in Ahriman's Prophecy and Gates of Night, and his statue was the subject of a sidequest in Rhen’s Quest.

Ahrinam’s ProphecyEdit

His statue is seen in the center of Venwood city in Ahriman’s Prophecy, although nobody knew that the statue is really “Poor frozen Lionel”.

Rhen’s QuestEdit

His statue is shown in Rhen’s Quest inside a house in Sedona, and the thieves instruct the party to steal it for them in exchange for information on the Kings assassination. The heroes see the statue later in the pirate black market in Veniara; they buy it and have two options:

  • Put it on the throne in Ylisfar and Lionel will be unfrozen. He will rule elves again and reunite the elves of Ylisfar and Rootwell and establish peace between them. This is the recommended option as it will help to solve two more sidequests (Ejindro city, Ghost in Ghed'ahre).

  • Sell the statue to the militant squirrels to use it as a battering ram and they will give three dynamite sticks in return. It can be used on the three cracks on the wall in different parts in the world; one of them containing an Absolute Zero scroll, and another containing a variety of gemstones.

Gates of NightEdit

Mel’s party finds Lionel’s statue in Venwood; they find the stolen book from the library underneath it.

Upon examining the statue, they see that it’s really “poor frozen Lionel”. However, since Lionel was saved in Rhen’s Quest, it is not known how he was frozen again, and no explanation was offered in the series.

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