Little June
Biographical information
Born: 306 AY
Age: 14 in Aveyond The Lost Orb
Nationality: Peliadian
Hometown: Peliad
Physical information
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Height: Normal (as a little girl)
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Dark yellow
Family and Friends
Mel, Edward, Yvette,..
Personality, abilities
Likes to act older than she is
Adventure, Mysteries, Counting, Tricks, Magic
People who try to take Mel away
Dark cursed (Darkthrop Keep)
Basic magician abilities
Ability to upgrade her tricks (spells) if she uses them enough
Weapon type:
Magician's staff
Magician's apprentice, True magician
Member of Mel's group in Aveyond The Lost Orb
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Book 3: The Lost Orb, in the Peliad tavern


Early lifeEdit

Adventure finding Orb of DeathEdit


June is cheerful most of the time, but she likes to act older than she is.


June uses a staff to fight with her enemies.


June doesn't like being called a little girl and works hard to prove that she's a valuable member of the team, she often tries to appear older than she is.



June somewhat look up to Mel (or she just see the advances of join a troubled soul for her magician certificate ...)

She likes her and finds her cool but a tiny bit delusional.




Not much to say about the realationship between June and Yvette. June find her just plain strange most of the time.

Spook (Gyendal as Spook)



June can perform a grand total of 5 spells, but in order to use them to their fullest potential, she will need to upgrade the 4 spells: Birthday surprise, Oodles'o'Noodles, Fireworks, and Gooey Gum. Each spell maxes out at level 5, and at level 4, all spells (except Poison Ivy) become able to hit all enemies.

Poison Ivy: Wraps poison vines around an enemy. Cost: 50MP

Birthday surprise: Makes an enemy age. Cost: Lvl 1. 50MP, Lvl 2. 70MP, Lvl 3. 90MP. Makes all enemies age. Cost: Lvl 4. 120MP, Lvl 5: 140MP

Oodles'o'Noodles: Confuse an enemy. Cost: Lvl 1. 140MP, Lvl 2. 160MP, Lvl 3. 180MP. Confuse all enemies. Cost: Lvl 4. 200MP, Lvl 5: 220MP

Fireworks: Shower an enemy with sparks: Cost: Lvl 1. 160MP, Lvl 2. 180MP, Lvl 3. 200MP. Shower all enemies with sparks. Cost: Lvl 4. 220MP, Lvl 5: 240MP

Gooey Gum: Make an enemy slow and clumsy. Cost: Lvl 1. 220MP, Lvl 2. 240MP, Lvl 3. 260MP. Make all enemies slow and clumsy. Cost: Lvl 4. 280MP, Lvl 5: 300MP

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