Biographical information
Age: 36
Hometown: Wyrmwood
Alias: Witch
Physical information
Species: Human (witch)
Gender: Female
Height: Normal
Hair color: Black with green hanks
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Pale
Family and Friends
Lorelai, Jinx, Grunhilda
Boyle Wolfbane, Hi'beru, Phye
Personality, abilities
Behind the Scenes
Ingrid is one of the main characters in the Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist. She is a witch which has cursed Boyle to marry her, and she also accompanies him in saving the world.

Biography Edit

Ingrid is a witch who did not know any transformations spells, and due to that she was always left out in activities such as cursing some gangs of heroes into becoming animals. Once she decided to settle down, she cursed Boyle to marry her. The spell takes one year to activate and only true love can break it.

Personality Edit

Ingrid is devilishly ornery, intelligent and wicked, as she may curse you if she finds you boring. It is not hard to anger her, but she is not much of a menace since she does not know transformation spells. When she learns some, however, she tends to transform her friends without much of a thought. While most of the times she seems indifferent, she does indeed care about her friends.

Appearance Edit

Ingrid has long dark hair with some green hanks and appears to be beautiful enough to charm other people without even wanting (like the King of Halaina, who fell in love with her), She dresses in typical witch's attire, but her hat's design can be changed according to what coven she enters.

Relationship Edit

Skills Edit

Mudball - Sling mud at enemy

Magic Missiles - Randomly attacks enemies and sometimes allies

Zit Burst - Bursts acidic zit burst at two enemies

Pudding and Pie - Attacks with pudding, and then pie

Hoppify - Turns the target into a frog

Slitherize - Turns the target into a snake

Bat - Turns the target into a bat

Skills from Cursers Coven:

Curse of Life - Prevents Death for a party member

Curse of Pain - Inflicts unbearable pain onto your enemy

Curse of Death - Inflicts death on most enemies

Skills from Enslavers Coven:

Surrender Item - Steals item off the enemy

Turn Away - Attempt to escape battle

Enslave - Force the enemy to do your bidding

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