Grimm's farm is a location in Aveyond 2, it is located in the Brightwood forest between Thais and Candar. Although it's not a main location, it serves as a headquarters for the team.

The farm belongs to an old lady who offers to sell it to the team as she's getting old and wants to return to her house in Candar. She is seen later living in the house where Emma used to work as a maid.

The only sidequest here is to kill the giant chicken roaming in the orchard; after the battle, Ean will get another transfigurine.

Buying the farm has many benefits:

  • The party can sleep here and replenish their health for free.
  • Party members will appear separate, and so they can interact with each other.
  • There are empty fences can be filled with animals (cow, chicken, goat, salamander and evil ox).
  • The farm can produce food items every once in a while.
  • It is important for completing the love quests between party members.

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