Founded by:
Leyrvo Ahma
First appearance:
Aveyond :Rhen's Quest
Notable citizens:
-Te'ijal Ravenfoot

-Galahad Teomes

-Gyendal Ravenfoot

Aveyond :Rhen's QuestEdit


Ghed'ahre is known as the town of vampires in the Underworld-Halloween Hills built by Leyrvo Ahma .It is the hometown of the vampress Te'ijal and the home of the Druid of the Death .The fashion in this town is that every home should have a ghost .If you don't have one is "suicide" as the vampresses in the town says .To enter in this town you must have a garlic necklace .

Aveyond 3 :The Orbs of MagicEdit

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Ghed'ahre is a dark vampire town from the Wyrm Forest-Underworld .In all those years Ghed'ahre change a bit .It is more bigger and the population increased in all those years .It is the hometown of the vampress Te'ijal and her brother Gyendal .Many of this dark town attractions are The Dark Church ,the Vampire Guild ,the Designer Coffin Shop ,the Gown Shop and the Casino.

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