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Hello, My name is Ashiq Hassan

I am a fan of Amaranth games especially Aveyond series.

It is the best game i have seen so far with nice graphics, characters,story. I have played all the aveyond series so far. But it is boring to play other games due to many reasons.Here are the reasons. If anyone is making a game also think aboutwhat the fans like.

 :Lack of Graphics unlike Aveyond, not an interesting and characters, Boring placesand their bad animation, Random battling system,boring background music, Careless mapping, using square shape tiles(tilesets with sharp edges every where (in land), Battle system menu, Skills and their menu, too much puzzles and secret rooms, Menu system, Characters animations and much more.........

You can see all this if you have played Aveyond and most of the other games which are boring. Most of us like 'Aveyond better than any rpg game in amaranthia and it is due to all these reasons. So try to remember all these if you are trying to make a rpg game if you want that game to be loved by others and remember the story should be attractive, don't concentrate the story too much on things like Werewolves, Vampires etc and the places like dungeons haunted islands. So try a variety of things'which is there in aveyond.

Thank you

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