Frederick le Mew
Frederick leMew
Frederick as odinary shape
Biographical information
Born: unknown
Age: Unknown
Hometown: Animal village
Physical information
Species: Lizard man (ordinary shape)
Genderappearance: Male
Height: normal
Hair color: None
Eye color: white
Skin color: leather: green with dark green spotted
Family and Friends
AP heroes party
Personality, abilities
boring animal class, boring chicken shape
Basic shapeshifter abilities
the best shapeshifter in Aveyond series
a shapeshifter
Member of Talia's group in Ahriman's Prophecy
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Ahriman's Prophecy, in animal class in Animal village


Early LifeEdit

Before meeting Talia, Frederick lived in Animalville. He went to a beginner's shapeshifting class where he was taught how to turn into a chicken. Frederick has a brother who is a talking toad.

Joining Talia's PartyEdit

Frederick joined Talia's party to save his brother, who had been captured by the circus... again.

Defeating AhrimanEdit

The player can choose to keep Frederick in the party after rescuing his brother, and Frederick can learn to shapeshift into a variety of other creatures while travelling with Talia. These different forms can be very helpful in defeating Ahriman.



When Frederick has not shapeshifted into something else, he is a giant green lizard with darker green spots. He stands taller than Devin, and wears a cape.


In Frederick's normal form (lizard), he can only equip one weapon, the Animal Sword.




Devin demonstrates that he cares for Frederick when he refuses to let the lizard sacrifice himself to the Succubus






Frederick can shapeshit into different creatures, although he needs to meet or fight certain creatures so that he can learn new transformations.

Chicken - Frederick's first shape, which he learned in his shapeshifting class in Animalville

Bee - In Bee form, Frederick can sting enemies. Learned after defeating the bees in the Apple Orchard near Candar.

Slime - In Slime form, Frederick can inflict poison on enemies. Can be learned from a slime in the Monster Hideout in Mysten Far.

Lion - In Lion form, Frederick's strength is greatly increased, useful in early levels. Can be learned from a shapeshifter in the desert south of Candar.

Dragon - In Dragon form, Frederick can spit fire on all enemies. Can be learned after defeating the Dragon King in Dragon Caves.

Nightmare - In Nightmare form, Frederick can attack all enemies with magic. Can be learned after defeating the Nightmare in the Dreamworld.

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