An uncomprehensive list of the best Aveyond FanFiction around the web!


These FanFictions adhere to the story of Aveyond at least upto some extent. Generally, these may contain spoilers about the game, and form true books of Aveyond.

  • Aveyond: The Lord of Twilight (by Specter)

The story follows the adventure of Mel after she hands over a powerful artifact to a vampire lord, that would enable him to being darkness to the world.

  • In Pieces (by Purpuhl)

Rhen and Dameon fall in love in a series of cute oneshots. Canon compliant with further exploration into the characters and some references to between-game events

  • Aveyond: Rhen's Quest (by cvhyen)

A powerful deity, Ahriman, had opened the Demon Portal and dark creatures now threaten the great isles. Rhen must stop the destruction and destroy Ahriman before it is too late. The Sword of Shadows is the key to her redemption. She must find in the mystical land of Aveyond and use it to seal the demon portal and stop Ahriman.

  • Aveyond: Rhen's Quest (by BlackPrincess)

Rhen was leading a peaceful life in her quiet village. But little did she know what fate had decided for her. Everything changes from a misunderstanding and now she must fulfill her destiny to save the world from the destruction of a powerful deity, Ahriman.

  • Two sides of one coin (by Snowsheba)

(Short book with heavy focus on Rhen-Lars duo, mostly going by the game)

Rhen and Lars weren't known for their subtlety, but in the end, it didn't matter, because they always had each other's backs. – 115 drabbles more or less novelizing aveyond I: rhen's quest.

  • Aveyond: Lord of Twilight (by thiso)

Novelization of the game, original dialogue and plot, with Mel's thoughts added in. Daily lives, travels, more scenes perhaps? We'll see what happens. Enjoy...

  • Defying Destiny (by o0.Raika.0o)

What actually happened in the everyday lives of Rhen and the others on their quest to defeat Ahriman? Very detailed re-telling of the Aveyond journey, with many added and changed events. Rhen/Lars.

Supporting StoriesEdit

These stories are either based in the game or occur in places seen in the game. They may be general stories of any of the characters.

  • Shadows of my Twisted Destiny (by Queen-of-Ice101)

When the battle ended and Mordred was defeated Mel should have been able to go back to Thais and start a new life. But the fates had taken interest in her and they weren't quite done with her yet. So as Gyendal fell through the portal to the Demon Realm a well timed push sent her tumbling after him. Now trapped in hell with none other then Gyendal Mel's new life is just beginning.

  • Night and Day (by Iyraonyx)

Shortly after accepting Dameon's proposal and just before facing Ahriman, Rhen discovers the truth about her new fiancé's loyalties. Betrayed and brokenhearted, Rhen must lead her friends to defeat the demon and bring Dameon to his senses, this time with Lars at her side.

  • Love at First Bite (by Kagetora no Tsume)

Galahad contemplates his feelings toward his wife after rescuing her from Darkthrop Keep. Future chapters on Tei'jal and Galahad after the Orb of Life incident. Fluff. Or at least as fluffy as these two ever get...

  • Bitten (by EsmeAmelia)

TDP spoilers. A series of explorations into Galahad and Te'ijal's struggles after Galahad becomes a vampire again.

  • Life in Sedona (by EsmeAmelia)

A series of vignettes about Te'ijal and Galahad's time in Sedona, based on the letters Te'ijal writes in TLO.

  • The long journey home (by EsmeAmelia)

GON fic. On the boat ride back to Thais, becoming human again has made Te'ijal sick and Mel realizes how important she has been to the group.

  • Dreamworld (by Delisca)

No one knows what happened in the Dreamworld ever since Rhen defeated Ahriman. Join a group of young people as the one accidentally crosses the portal to the Dreamworld, and make sure the ones living in his world sleeps with good dreams.

  • Magic written in dragon scales (by Wolphie)

Aveyond story. What if the whole painful way to defeating Ahriman was vain? What if there was a unconsciousness moment that determined wrong decisions? You know what do to to find out ;

  • Rush (by MistressKiko)

Aveyond! After a horrifying experience, Rhen finds herself trying to pick up the pieces. Thankfully, she has Lars to help pull her through. But these newfound feelings... she doesn't know whether to be thankful for those or not...

  • Changeling (Cherrywine)

Set 15 years after Aveyond 1 ends. Rhen chose to return to Clearwater, and now has to reclaim her destiny and overcome the evil forces which have risen against her.[1]

  • Jelsa Fan fic and Once upon a time Fan fiction series.

Though neither one completely revolves around Aveyond.... There are big stories that have to do with Aveyond content. For example, Iya and Ean (and their friends and enemies) have a bigger role throughout the Jelsa series while Edward, Lydia, and other characters have a big role in the Once Upon a Time fan fic series.


A general listing of Parodies of Aveyond

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