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First appearance Rhen's Quest

Dirkon is a small town in the world of Aveyond and appeared only on Rhen's Quest. The town suffers from plague and they ask the party for help.

Location Edit

The city is located on a peninsula in the northwestern part of the Western Island. It is located in the on the crossroad with Sedona. The entrance to thieves' cave is located here.

Quests Edit

  • The main quest here is to kill the mice that threaten the town. It is asked by the nurse.
  • Keep two bottles of elixir for two sick citizens (note: give them the elixir after killing the rats, or they will be sick again).
  • A man named Lor wants a goose to help feed the town because the former goose died. This can be obtained after saving Tiny from the toad in Sandstone caves and getting him back to Memory caves.

Notes Edit

The music soundtrack of the town is the same soundtrack of final credits.