Dameon "Maurva" Pendragon
Biographical information
Born: About 8 to 0 BY
Age: Late teens to early 20s in Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest
Nationality: Thaisian (later)
Hometown: Sun Temple, Thais (later)
Alias: Sun Priest
Physical information
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Caucasian with dark tan
Family and Friends
Father: Unnamed Sun Priest Mother: Talia Maurva
Hero party
Talia Maurva, Ahriman (later)
Sun Druid:
As the Druid of Light, Dameon is immortal, bound to the Sun.
King of Thais:
As the King of Thais, Dameon is human, having given up his immortality. He marries Rhen Pendragon and becomes King of Thais.
Personality, abilities
Has strong feelings which lead him to be very angry at his mother and sometimes jealous when it comes to Rhen. He is generally polite and shows the capacity to be very compassionate later in the quest.
- His unnamed father - Rhen Pendragon
Everything related to Talia
Strong healer
- Magical shields </br> - Reviving </br> - Healing </br> - Detoxicating
Weapon type:
Magical staff
- Sun Priest </br> - Ahriman's minion </br> - King of Thais (later)
Member of Rhen's group in Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
Aveyond 1 Rhen's Quest, in Ahriman lair (Demon Realm)


Early lifeEdit

Dameon is the only son of Talia Maurva, and an unnamed Sun Priest. His father was a minion of Ahriman's, and was killed by Talia when she discovered this.

Joining AhrimanEdit

Just like his father, he too becomes a minion of Ahriman, and is the newest addition to their team. This is because he wants to get revenge on his mother for killing his father.



Like other druids, Dameon wears elaborate robes. His color scheme is yellow, red and green. On the center of the back of his robe is a symbol of the Sun, symbolizing his duty as a Sun Priest.



In the beginning Dameon is quite resentful of his mother and blames her for the death of his father. In the few interactions between Dameon and his mother Dameon is quite obvious in his hatred for his mother. At the end of the quest though Dameon seems to have forgiven his mother, in part thanks to Rhen's encouragement and the having learned the truth because of fairy dust, and they part ways without angry words being exchanged.


Dameon joins Ahriman and the forces of evil because he wants to follow in his father's footsteps, and also to get revenge on his mother.


Knowing that the only way to ensure his survival was having Rhen on his side, Ahriman sends Dameon to lure Rhen into joining forces with evil. However, over the course of the game Dameon develops earnest feelings for Rhen, and she helps him to start to see his mother's side of things, leading to him struggling with his loyalties. Right before the final battle, Dameon reveals his alliance with Ahriman and attempts to persuade Rhen into joining forces with him, so that they can be together forever. When Rhen throws fairy dust into Dameon's eyes, he finally sees that Ahriman is wrong and re-joins the others in the final battle against Ahriman. By the end of the quest Dameon makes it clear that he still has genuine feelings for Rhen. In the main ending of the game, Dameon marries Rhen.

Lars Edit

Dameon and Lars do not see eye to eye and tend to argue when they interact. However, Lars argues with everyone so this doesn't necessarily mean anything, and Dameon seems to have a sense of respect for Lars's confidence.

Heroes partyEdit

Dameon doesn't really interact much with any other characters in the party but when he does they seem to get along and are polite to each other.


Dameon is the druid of Light.

In increasing health points, Dameon's best skill is Healing Ultima.

Increasing health points (HP)

Party level 99, Expert mode

Healing Ultima

400-500 HP

In removing ailments, Dameon learns several spells: Bless, which removes the cursed status, Purify, which removes the poisoned status, and Sunshine, which removes sleepiness. These are simple ailment-negating spells which are used on only one ally. Stronger versions of the spells can be cast to remove ailments for all allies. They are: Sanctify, Cure, and Awake respectively.

In addition, Dameon also has access to a few status inflicting spells: Silence renders an enemy unable to cast magical spells, and Silence Extora is a stronger version of Silence which is used on all enemies.

In reviving, Dameon's best skill is Raise, which completely restores one ally:


Party level 99 (100% health column: 1100-2500 HP), Expert mode


Revives with 4500-5500 HP (more than 100% health)

In protecting the party with magical shields:

  • From physical attacks, Dameon has: Shield and Shield Exura.
  • From magical attacks, Dameon has separate specific shields, each working on a different kind of magic: Fire shield, Water shield, Dark shield, Earth shield and Spirit shield.

During the cut-scene before the final battle, he learns Sun Fury. This is an incredibly powerful skill that can be used against an enemy (extremely helpful and almost necessary to defeat Ahriman).

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