Chateau Lenore is a vineyard that appeared in Aveyond 3. It is a secondary location in the game and few sidequests can be done there.

Location Edit

The vineyard is located an area southwest of Brightwood forest, directly south of the passage that leads to the ruins.

There’s an open location south of the farm, and it is made of one green tile; it can be used as a landing strip for the party’s ship. It is also the main harbor in The Lost Orb where Mel travels back and forth between Aia and Eldrion.

Chateau Lenore is inhabited by three people; Fedor the owner, his wife Olivia, and their daughter Sienna.

Quests Edit

  • Fedor hires Mel as delivery, where she delivers wine to many clients across the world of Aveyond, and returns to receive her pay. This quest is stretched between first and second installment of Orbs of Magic.
  • In The Lost Orb, Fedor is looking for a music teacher for his daughter Sienna, and the teacher can be found in Acropolis. The reward is a bottle of wine that can be used to make a love potion in Harakuana, which can be used in attraction points.

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