(not mention but maybe very old)
Secret Garden
Love nymph
Candar, other nymphs of spirit, the Oracle
The nymph of Love
First appearance
Aveyond 2 Ean's Quest, in the Secret Garden

Ceri is the nymph of love, one of six-nymphs of spririt that Iya must find in Aveyond 2 . She lives in the Secret Garden, hidden in the Candar castle royal garden and is the guardian who protects Candar- a city of love which was founded by her.

She is a little fairy possessing love and charm magic,she is one of two nymphs not to be kidnapped by the Snow Queen, the other being Heptitus.

Ceri tells Iya that Snow Queen can take all spririt from her but never take the true love. She kindly gives her the blessing of love and asks that Iya gives it to someone who truly needs it.

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