Boyle Wolfbane
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Biographical information
Age: 29 3/4
Hometown: Wyrmwood
Alias: Boyle the Horrible, Boyle the Beautiful, Villain
Physical information
Species: Human (Fire Mage)
Gender: Male
Height: Tall
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Pale
Family and Friends
Ingrid (player choice)
Fang, Crabber, Colby, Son of Cannon, Razor
Fang, Crabber, Colby, Son of Cannon, Razor
Favorite food:
Personality, abilities
Paladins, heroes, demons
Weapon type:
Behind the Scenes
Boyle Wolfbane is the main character in the Aveyond 4: Shadow of the Mist. Once a villain, Boyle is forced to take up the job of a hero in order to save his beloved pet Fang.

Biography Edit

Boyle was once a menacing villain that almost succeeded in ruling over the world. He was defeated by heroes and after that he retired in Wyrmwood.

Personality Edit

Boyle is very prideful and sometimes comes off as a bit vain, as he also often looks down on others. Even though he claims to be villainous and evil, he, in truth, has a good heart and cares not only for his pet Fang, but for others too. It was noted in the game that he has bragging sessions, and that sessions like these were one of the reasons for his downfall.

He is also quite sarcastic and it is not beyond him to lie or trick others, as he is after all a retired villain. He seems to like things that are sinister (like, for example, gargoyles) and he seems to have deep hatred and fear of paladins. Boyle is often seen friendly with animals and has a tendency of turning them into his minions.

Appearance Edit

Boyle has the look of a classic villain. He believes that spikes on his shoulders make him scarier.

Relationships Edit

Skills Edit

Darkness - Gain darkness (mana) when attacking.

Contempt - Unleash your disdain on your enemies. Costs 15 darkness.

Flames - Summon forth red hot flames.Costs 15 darkness.

Empower Minion - Double damage of minion for this fight. Costs 12 darkness.

Dark Triumph - Unleash a trio of shadow attacks. Costs 30 darkness

Sacrifice Life - Sacrifice some HP to gain darkness.

Devastate - Devastate the enemy for massive damage. Costs 70 darkness.


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