• Afny90

    About Aveyond

    July 22, 2011 by Afny90

    Hi there.. I just wanna say that i love all aveyond game series and also games from Amaranthia they have all the best RPG games.. I can't wait for the new games to come out.. At first I didn't know about the Aveyond game until i stumble across Aveyond-Rhen's Quest... This is the first ever RPG games that I have ever played and well it make me addicted.. Even though at first the puzzle are quite hard to be solved and the timeline for playing is quite long, it doesn't make me bored.. well that's all ^^

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  • Xiao Qiao

    Hi friend, now Wikia has provided new feature chat for all wikis! Now we can chat together, directly and faster than IRC, because it is based on this wiki! You can join the chat easily! The chat button is in user page, article under Wiki activity box, the hot spot in my home page!

    This is a wiki community! The chat help us take a little time to receive help! information and chat about the series we love, but a little of number of members here! That make not frequency!

    Have fun when join the chat! If have any question! Please ask me okay! Have fun!

    ••• Xiao Qiao leave a message 14:09, July 1, 2011 (UTC)

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  • Storm the Windrider

    Edward and Mel are cute, but, in my opinion, its really Edward and Stella who have the chemistry.

    Mel is too outgoing and adventurous for Edward. He needs someone who is caring and compassionate, someone who would care for his country. And that person is Stella.

    Keep in mind that he not only needs a soulmate, but also someone who would excel at ruling a rather large kingdom. Mel is too devil may care, she does not seem to take responsibility much, and when she does, it doesn't always work. Stella, however, is kind and caring, and would help the less fortunate people of Thais.

    And that is why I support Edward and Stella. Who do you support?

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  • Xiao Qiao

    Game characters

    March 21, 2011 by Xiao Qiao

    Hi everyone! Now if you have play all Aveyond, please write the comment to this blog

    Can you compare female characters! Make you like one!

    Tell me what you see between them! Now especially between three girl Mel, Stell and Ly??? What different, who you like??

    Tell me about the love-romantic-foolish-guy (Ed), what do you see on him???

    Please write comment!!!

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