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Amaranth Games has announced that Aveyond 4 is in progress. It was said that Amanda, the game's designer, wrote a 400 page script. The game will be made so that it can be played on windows , MAC and android :D . For more information and sneak peeks, visit Have fun, as we eagerly wait for Aveyond 4!

News until now:

The first screenshot of Aveyond 4 has arrived!

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Meet Boyle Once he had a dream: rule the world. Unfortunately, he failed miserably as a villain and has retired. You can find him in a small village where wicked folks go to retire, deep within an enchanted forest.

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Meet Myst Shy and wild, but when cornered, she is as fierce as a tornado. More details to come!

Aveyond 4 Characters: Edit





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