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Attention all Aveyond fans!

Anyone who has played the Aveyond games should know that they have a beautiful storyline - real depth, with lots of humor, interesting characters, tricky twists and turns in the plot. The game world itself is arguably the best I've seen in a 2D RPG. In fact, when I played my first Aveyond game - Lord of Twilight - I could've sworn it was one of those games that had a book behind it, like Harry Potter or something.

But there is no Aveyond book! Sure, there's lots of fan-fiction out there, but there's nothing to capture the essence of the game we've all grown to love. It's painful to think that a day will come when no-one will remember Te'ijal and Galahad's endless cycle, or Lydia's constant bitchiness; because face it: like every other video game, in less than ten years no-one will be playing Aveyond anymore. It's sad, to say the least.

Which is why I had this great idea! What if there WERE Aveyond books? Oh no, you say - it would be a spoiler, we'd have to release the plot and that would kill everything from the start. But we can tweak the plots - better yet, we can have all new storylines, invent all new characters! And think of all those mystery characters you always wanted to know more about - they could feature, we could even solve the mystery! The greatest part of it all is that Aveyond has the potential to become a real classic - the Lord of the Rings of the 21st century. Picture it!

So, if anyone is in support of this idea or has anything at all that could be of help, feel free to post comments and stuff. You can also contact me at, and I'd like to set up Facebook and Twitter pages as well as a blog if you guys think it's a great idea too. Think on it!

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