Guilds Edit

As a magic wielder, Talia can join one of the following guilds in the game by visiting the guild at the specified location and defeating the guild master. Once Talia has joined a guild she cannot leave or join another. Each guild has its own advantages and disadvantages, using different types of magic and providing Talia with different equipment.

Guild Location Weapon Notes
Priestess Mysten Far Healing Staff
  • 50 ATK
  • 30 DEF
  • Healing based magic with some offensive spells which are effective against undead enemies
  • Offensive magic most useful against the final boss
  • Healing staff heals Talia for 10 HP with each attack
Witch Witchwood Thistle
  • 108 ATK
  •  ??? DEF (information missing)
  • Uses curses which are mostly status based magic
  • The Thistle poisons enemies
Earth Mage Drawf Mines Earth Wand
  • 120 ATK
  • 20 DEF
  • All rounder magic with average qualities and no weaknesses
  • Strong against all enemies, not susceptible to elemental disadvantages
Fire Lord Fire Cave Fire Whip
  • 140 ATK
  • 40 DEF
  • Heavy duty magic focused on doing damage with an elemental advantage
  • Weak against fire resistant monsters
Enchanter Faiara Mystic Staff
  • 150 ATK
  • 30 DEF
  • Contains the most powerful spell in the game, Fairy Fury
  • The Mystic Staff is Talia's strongest weapon in the game

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