Ahriman is the main antagonist in Aveyond: Rhen's Quest, and in the prequel to the Aveyond Series, Ahriman's Prophecy.


"Ahriman" is actually the name of an evil god. In Zoroastrianism, Zoroaster, the founder of the religion, predicted the end of the world, and in that period the good god will battle the evil, whose name is Ahriman.


Little is known of Ahriman, except that he was a very powerful dark mage. It was also said in many books that he had been in love with a princess, who refused him. Infuriated, he put a spell on her and let her sleep in a glass coffin that can never be opened without the Glass Key, which has been the lifelong dreams of various treasure hunters. In Ahriman's Prophecy, Talia's party come across the Glass Key in a cave far left on the way to Grunwich Vineyard. When released, the princess gives Talia a piece of Aegis, Compassion.

It was never said how he had died.AhrimanAhriman

In Aveyond 1 he sent several daevas to eliminate six druids, so that he could sent apocalypse around the world. The daevas were: Nanghaitha, Zarich, Tawrich, Indra, Saurva, Agas, Aesma.

Ahriman's ProphecyEdit

In Ahriman's Prophecy, the original plot of Lord Zorom was to resurrect Ahriman, thinking that Ahriman will be completely under his control. Lord Zorom was planning to take revenge on his brother, King Edward I of Candar, with Ahriman.

By the end of the game, Lord Zorom had succeeded in resurrecting Ahriman at the cost of his own life, therefore setting off a chain of events that eventually lead to the beginning of the Aveyond series.